Updated Non-VBV/MSC BINs List for 2023

Find out our latest non-VBV BINS list. Carding newbies always ask us for a list of non-VBV BINS. Well, today, we finally reveal that list as well as an OTP Bypass method.

Carding, also known as credit card fraud, has evolved methods to keep up with newer security levels. Check out this latest tutorial to learn everything about carding for beginners. Additional protocols have been developed by the payment industry to ensure the security of cards used on the Internet. Some of the more common methods include sending an email OTP or a text to the card owner’s phone number on file in order to verify the card owner while they shop online. Unfortunately, not all cards have this level of security, which allows card fraudsters to thrive. The cards you must keep an eye out for and use are known as “non-VBV” or “non-MSC” cards.

What Is BIN?

The Bank Identification Number (BIN) is a 6-digit number that is unique to the CC. If you don’t already have this information, there are plenty of sites you can use to find it.

What Is VBV?


Verified by Visa or VBV/3D is an extra layer of online protection some debit or credit cards have. These cards require the card owner to confirm the transaction directly before the payment is authorized, it can be either by call, SMS, or email. The confirmation can include an OTP or for the owner to answer a question, confirming their Social Security Number (SSN), parent or partner’s name, DOB, or password.

Non-VBV cards do not need extra information as VBV requires per transfer. This is precisely why they are handy to use for fraudulent activities.

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What Is MSC?

Mastercard CCs follow a similar protocol to Visa cards, which have an additional layer of security. MSC stands for Mastercard Secure Code, which provides similar security to a VBV.

What Is OTP?

A one-time password is what this term refers to. The password can be a unique string of letters or numbers for each transaction.

Our list only includes 2D or non-VBV cards. These BINs pass VBV windows without an OTP.


BINProviderIssuerTypeSubtypeIssuing Country
430023VISAWorld’s Foremost BankCreditClassicUSA
438948VISACommerce BancsharesCreditPlatinumUSA
488893VISAFIA Card ServicesCreditPlatinumUSA
426429VISABank of AmericaCreditPlatinumUSA
480012VISAFIA Card ServicesCreditGold PremiumUSA
486236VISACapital One BankCreditPlatinumUSA
441297VISAFirst National Bank of OmahaCreditPlatinumUSA
401398VISAU.S. Bank National AssociationCreditPlatinumUSA
431307VISAFIA Card Services.CreditSignatureUSA
426428VISAFIA Card ServicesCreditPlatinumUSA
416621VISAWorld Financial NetworkCreditClassicUSA

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