CC To BTC Method and CC Carding Tutorial

These days, sites for CC to BTC Method and carding are tricky but if you know what you are doing it will be easy to achieve success. just follow the steps below:


  • VMWorkstation (optional)
  • Socks + VPN (Pure VPN Recommended)
  • VISA FR / UK / US (test with VISA)
  • Knowing card on amazon.


  1. Enable VPN + Socks if you’re less than 100 kilometers from the city associated with your CC.
  2. If you have VMWorkstation installed, enable it; if not, run CCleaner and delete your cookies before starting your browser.
  3. Visit this website and create an account at http://purse.IO. When you first sign up, you can only make one transaction; it is released after the second transaction.
  4. Select the amount of your interest from the choices under the transactions tab.
  5. (If this is your first time, place an order between $30 and $90, then proceed to Orders exceeding $800.)
  6. Follow the instructions and the site will direct you to the desired object on

Create An Amazon Account

  1. Create An account on amazon with the name and address of the CC
  2. Activate Try out the amazon prime (just to the right of My account when you’re logged in)
  3. Add To cart desired by the buyer on amazon site.
  4. Follow the instructions and shipping address choose the address indicated on purse.IO in the pre-recorded on amazon.

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Withdrawal Your BTC Now

  1. Choose fast delivery if you need your BTC urgently, as they will be delivered by the escrow.
  2. When a buyer receives BTC and confirms it on the site, but the delivery time is short, Amazon is more likely to do an audit. For example, if you choose one-day shipping, your order has a 30% probability of being checked with a phone connected to the DC.
  3. Wait until the buyer is delivered and that the is valid before transferring your wallet. You can create multiple purse accounts with a single credit card to wink multiple transactions.

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Method 2: CC To Bitcoin Method and Carding Guide

Here is our carding store latest CC to BTC Carding method. This method is approved by our professional carding team, this guide is still working 100%, the site for this guide is called


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1. Go to
2. Register for an account with a free email from
3. After you did the account on the site go verify the account with email
4. You have to fund your account with money from credit cards
contact me for fresh HQ´s
5. Click on Deposit and you will be redirected to payment option
6. In this page you have to put the money you want to deposit and info from credit card you have
7. Then fill the billing and other sections you can use fake info’s from this site if its not supplied with the credit card details:
8. For SSN section you have to do simple things
9. In site you have on fake info’s a section that is


10. You take that 317-66-XXXX and where it’s X letter you put 4 random numbers it doesn’t count…
11. If you want to be more sure I have those sites that help you to get SSN and help you to get a verified SSN
Sites For SSN Verification:

You need a new ID with Pass, write us at Live chat support

12. After that click PROCEED and there you go
13. Your account will be funded with 50$ from that credit card you got
14. Now go to home page and click on BUY/SELL
15. You have options of buying bitcoin worth : 100$ / 200$ / 500$ / 1,000$
16. Go down side of page and put your amount like 50$
17. Now click buy and they will take that 50$ from your balance account and will give you bitcoin
18. You will get bitcoin in account and go and click on WITHDRAW
19. Click on BTC to be payed in BITCOIN
20. Put your BTC WALLET and put amount you want to withdraw
21. After click on Withdraw button and the bitcoins will be transferred nstantly to your address.

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CC To BTC Carding Method

In today’s tutorial, we will be discussing how you can convert your CC that you buy from us at into BTC.

How To Convert Your CC Into Bitcoin

1st Guide:

  1. The site for BTC is going to be
  • Make a new acc with a REAL email (gmail/yahoo..)
  • Confirm it and at this point, you should be having the same IP as the CC city.
  • After confirming your account you should be able to deposit, you probably already know what to do at this stage, for those who don’t, select credit card deposit as the payment method and deposit 100$– so that you don’t get prompted to the verification.
  • Keep it for 2 hours and then withdraw and choose “BTC” as your payment method, some times you wouldn’t be able to withdraw within 2 hours, just contact the support and tell them u need to withdraw immediately (expect them to refuse and refund sometimes).

Best if you could play some game (like poker) that you know you will win or you can play it with your self by creating another account if you are playing with yourself as an opponent then it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose as you will have the money either way that you can withdraw via BTC.

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Enjoy Your BTC

2nd Guide:

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  • Make an acc and fill in all the required info.
  • You need to have the CSGO site game claimed (we believe it’s free now as of and beyond) in ur steam acc, so if u don’t have it already make sure u do!
  • Now link ur inventory link to this account and your ready to shop skins.
  • Now it’s better for success to use a good USA premium VPN matching with the CC holders city and use socks5 on top of your VPN from “Pure VPN”
  • After u successfully carded a product don’t repost it for sale, it gonna get sold the lower you go (for example same product you got for 50$ sell it for 35$ for faster sale).
  • After when your product is sold your gonna have a balance in your account, withdraw it with the BTC payment method.

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There you have it fellas you successfully carded CC to BTC! Now it’s time for you to get your tools in order and go start carding.

Pick your Carding Tools here:

Here, enjoy, friend. If you have any questions do not hesitate to comment.

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