How to Get Free Internet Without Data Plan Android or PC?

Today i will show how to get free internet on your mobile or PC and it’s working worldwide. I recently found this way to get free internet ,This method worked for me , for my friends , and for a lot of people online as i can see during the researches i made.

Now before you start you should know that based on your own service provider you need to do some research on what to put on the software i will mention below . There are tons of info about this even groups on Facebook or other places that share pre configured files / or give you more detail regarding your network .

Now let’s start :

First part you need a ssh server to connect :

1) go to

2) select a server near your location . for example Europe

3) now again select a country near yours or even your country , example Netherlands

4) now select a server and click below it that > CREATE USERNAME AND PASSWORD

5) eneter your details username and pass

6) server is created , you will get something like :

Username :

Password : 123456

IP :

Host :

7) now go to for a proxy 

check for the proxy of the same country . in my case the proxy is the same with the ip also check the ports open , we will use 80 or 8080 (You will need this for Second Part section 6.)

Now the second part :

1) download Http injector >

2) install it and open .

3) On the right side top there are 3 horizontal lines , click it to open the MENU (i will refer this as a menu from now on) and click on “SSH SETTINGS”

4) on SSH SETTINGS you need to use the same info we took on the SSH server registered on the first part :

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SSH HOST : (or if your server doenst have an ip ,depending on the ssh server provider)

SSH port : 22

Username :

Password : 123456

5) Now go back to the main page .

Click the menu again and go to “PAYLOAD GENERATOR”

This is the part where you need to do some tests by yourself or you need to check on google based on your network provider and your country as i mentioned on the start of the thread.

Now i will just use the basic configuration that worked for me.



Click GENERATE PAYLOAD (at the end of the page of the software)

6) now the last change . you now are now on the main page and the payload is generated .

Below those lines there is the “REMOTE PROXY” line . click that and a small popup with 2 boxes should come above .


Port : 80 (Now this part i mentioned on Part 1 section 7 when i mentioned to go to that page to check on the proxy and the port.)

7 ) Click SAVE and then click START that is on the main page . Check the LOG section to see what is going on if its connecting or not .

Now this was all.

The hard part is only to find the URL/HOST on the Payload generator based on your network provider, so this is where you need to do your own search


Search for groups on Facebook or videos on YouTube for HTTP injector “your country” “your network provider” .

Search for .ehi files (this are the pre configured files for the http injector) .

If you manage to find one that works on your phone ,you can decrypt this .ehi files but you need :

1. Rooted Android or latest version of android

2. Xposed Installer

3. EhiOpener

Thank you to read this, enjoy your order, have a nice day and stay free!

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